CoBPA Entrepreneurship Department Application

Scholarship Eligibility Requirement

Student must have declared Entrepreneurship as his/her major or be pursuing the Entrepreneurship Certificate or the Entrepreneurship Track.

  1. Student must be a Junior or Senior.
  2. Student must be enrolled in 12 or more credits and be considered full-time.
  3. Student must have completed at least 60 semester hours by the end of this Spring semester.

Supplemental Questions
  1. This information will only be used to notify parent(s)/guardian(s) of award recipent and will not be used in scholarship evaluation.
    • 1. Parent(s) Name
    • 2. Parent(s) Address
    • 3. Parent(s) City, State and ZIP Code
    • 4. Parent(s) Phone
  2. What type of involvement do you have in entrepreneurial activities and organizations here at UND?
  3. To be eligible for the Carol VanBrunt Larson Scholarship, please provide a 1 or 2 page essay explaining your entrepreneurial interests and aspirations.