Bruce M. Van Sickle Delta Theta Pi Law Scholarship

The criteria for the Bruce M. Van Sickle Senate Delta Theta Phi Law Scholarship is as follows:

  1. The recipient shall be a UND law student with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
  2. The amount of the scholarship to be given to any single student in any single semester shall in no event exceed an amount necessary to pay UND School of Law tuition and fees, exclusive of book costs, for that semester; it being hoped and expected that smaller scholarships, to greater numbers of students will be made, rather than larger scholarships to smaller numbers of students.
  3. The recipient(s) need not be a member of the Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity and the decision of the officers of the Bruce M. Van Sickle Senate with respect to recipient(s) shall be final.
  4. No person shall be awarded a scholarship under the terms hereof in two consecutive law school semesters at the University of North Dakota.
  5. The recipient(s) shall be persons who, in the opinion of the officers of the Bruce M. Van Sickle Senate, have demonstrated or are likely to demonstrate substantial commitment to the study of law and legal profession services to the law school and the profession, and service to humankind.
  6. The officers of the Bruce M. Van Sickle Senate shall consider, in making their awards, among, other factors, the scholastic promise of an individual, the individual’s needs, and the likelihood of the individual’s future contributions to the legal profession.
  7. The scholarship shall not be awarded if:
    (1) There are no eligible recipients.
    (2) The Selection Committee deems that no one is deserving of such.

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