Camille Knox Memorial Legacy Scholarship

Scholarships awards shall be provided annual to members of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority who are pursuing students at the University of North Dakota as freshman, sophomores, and juniors. In selecting deserving recipients, the scholarship committee shall give preference to members who are second generation Kappa Alpha Theta – those students who have joined the sorority as a “legacy” member. The recipient shall be in need of financial assistance and shall have a grade point average which is greater than 3.0. The recipient should be a member of good standing in the sorority and should exemplify the personal characteristics and qualities which Cami would be most likely to respect and admire. If there is more than one deserving candidate who meets all criteria, the selection committee shall have the discretion to allocate more than one award. If the membership of the house does not consist of anyone who qualified as a “legacy,” the scholarship shall be given to the most deserving recipient who meets the other criteria.

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