Hertog Fellowship

The Hertog Fellowship is a prestigious fellowship based on Washington DC. It is an intensive program that allows students to dive into policy issues affecting the nation, study classical texts in political thought and some of the seminal documents of American politics. It is broken down into three areas: political thought, economics and domestic policy, and the war studies program. The courses are available virtually year-round. There are weekend seminars, winter/spring sessions and the most competitive, the summer program. For the summer program, each selected student picks a personalized course to study at no cost to them. This is especially beneficial for students in political science, economics, history, public administration and anyone generally interested in ideas.

Requirements for the Hertog Fellowship include:

  1. A GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  2. Strong letters of recommendation, preferably one that speaks to character and the other that speaks to writing.
  3. A statement of purpose stating why you are interested in this program. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT
  4. An academic writing sample that displays the applicant’s power of analysis and independent thought, and not only their ability to do research or comment on a text.

More information regarding this scholarship can be found here: https://hertogfoundation.org/

2-week or 7-week fellowship in the theory of the practice of politics for college students. $2,000 stipend provided for housing.