School of Entrepreneurship Department Application

The School of Entrepreneurship Department Application is awarded to one or more student(s) who have declared Entrepreneurship as their major, minor or be pursuing the Entrepreneurship Certificate who meet the following criteria: must be a Junior or Senior; Student must be enrolled in 12 or more credits and be considered full-time; Student must have completed at least 60 semester hours by the end of this Spring semester.

School of Entrepreneurship
Supplemental Questions
  1. All of the ENTR scholarships are only given to those students committed to ENTR. Are you committed to one of the following ENTR offerings and which one is your current academic plan?
  2. Have you taken, or do you plan on taking ENTR 101?
  3. If Yes, please indicate the semester and year.
    • Semester
    • Year
  4. Do you plan to complete the internship class (ENTR 497) during the upcoming summer, fall or spring semesters?
  5. What type of involvement do you have in entrepreneurial activities and organizations (e.g., UND Entrepreneurship Club) here at UND?
  6. Please briefly describe how you expect entrepreneurship education will be useful in your career goals in the short- or long-term.
  7. This information will only be used to notify parent(s)/guardian(s) of award recipient and will not be used in scholarship evaluation.
    • 1. Parent(s) Name
    • 2. Parent(s) Address
    • 3. Parent(s) City, State and ZIP Code
    • 4. Parent(s) Phone
  8. To be eligible for the Carol VanBrunt Larson Scholarship, please provide a 1- or 2-page essay explaining your entrepreneurial interests and aspirations.
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