Accessibility for Students Department Application

The Accessibility for Students Department application is for students who are currently registered with Accessibility for Students or who have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

Accessibility for Students
Supplemental Questions
  1. Documentation of disability should be on letterhead stationery, contain the diagnosis and a description of how the disability affects you, and be signed by a professional qualified to diagnose and/or treat your disability. If your documentation is not on file with Accessibility for Students, upload it here.
  2. Did you receive an Accessibility/Disability for Students scholarship for the current academic year?
  3. If Yes, you may be eligible for a renewable scholarship based on last year's application and current academic standing. For the remaining questions, answer "N/A".
  4. If No, complete the following questions, and upload a letter of recommendation.
  5. How does your disability affect you in school? (Describe any barriers or advantages)
  6. Give examples of how you have achieved personal and/or academic goals.
  7. Upload a letter of recommendation. The recommendation should be on letterhead from a professional who is familiar with your work, academic and/or personal achievements.
  8. If your reference would like to upload their letter directly, provide their name and email. Scholarship Central will send them a link and notify you when (or if not) completed.
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